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How Many Ads Should A Radio Station Run To Get Results? New Analysis From CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One And The Radio Advertising Bureau Reveals Guidelines

By Pierre Bouvard
One of the most frequently asked questions in the radio industry is, “How many ads should I run per week?” Here are a few strategies to help determine an answer based on campaign goal.

New CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One Study Reveals 12 Million Americans Are Looking For A New Tax Preparation Provider; Reaching These Service Switchers Will Take More Than TV And Digital

By Pierre Bouvard
According to Kantar, between $350 million and $400 million are spent annually marketing personal tax services. To understand the current state of the consumer tax category, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One fielded a 990-person national study in October of 2020. These are the key findings.

Perception And Reality: Marketers And Agencies Dramatically Underestimate The State Of U.S. Worker Commutes; Plus The Latest Nielsen PPM And Diary Data Shows AM/FM Radio’s Audience Recovery

By Pierre Bouvard
Last month, Advertiser Perceptions, the leader in researching advertiser agency sentiment, fielded a study of 300 media decision makers. Here is a look at how the perception measures up to the reality.

The Virtual Remote: How AM/FM Radio Stations Can Use Media And Creative Messaging To Connect Consumers With Advertisers

By Pierre Bouvard
Due to social distancing measures and shelter-in-place mandates nationwide, station remotes have been paused for the safety of AM/FM radio personnel and their listeners. Is there anything comparable to an in-person remote?

Edison Research’s “Share Of Ear” Q3 2020: In-Car Audiences Rebound, Brands And Agencies Overestimate Pandora/Spotify Audiences, AM/FM Radio Dominates Ad-Supported Media, And Podcast Audiences Surge

By Pierre Bouvard
Edison Research recently released the Q3 2020 “Share of Ear” report, the media industry’s go-to for understanding how Americans consume audio each day. Here are the key findings.

October Surprise: Nielsen Portable People Meter Data Reveals AM/FM Radio Listening Surges +6% And Morning Drive Soars +11% Powered By The Return Of School And Increasing Commutes

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen just released results of the October Portable People Meter AM/FM radio listening trends. Here are the surprising key findings for October.

New Nielsen Consumer Study: Workplace Commuting Increases Sharply, Time Spent In The Car Rises, Half Of Kids Go To School In Person, And AM/FM Radio Is The Soundtrack Of The American Economic Recovery

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen released the results of a just-completed national consumer study of 1,000 respondents that was conducted October 1-5 tracking the pandemic’s impact on consumer movement, spending, attitudes, and media usage.

AM/FM Radio’s Multiplier Effect: How The Combined Impact Of Numerous Campaigns From One Retailer Generates Outsized Results

By Pierre Bouvard
CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One retained Nielsen to conduct a campaign effect study to measure how exposure to multiple ads and messages would impact consumer behavior and brand perceptions.

Nielsen: Latest AM/FM Radio Audience Data Reveals Continued Drive Time Recovery In PPM Markets As More Americans Commute To Work

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen just released high-level findings from the September Portable People Meter markets and the June-July-August diary surveys. For those expecting stability, there were surprising increases across the board.

Case Study: AM/FM Radio Powers A Streaming Video Subscription Service As Online Video Now Represents The Majority Of American TV Time Spent

By Pierre Bouvard
A streaming video subscription brand recently utilized AM/FM radio to drive awareness and interest in their service. Here are some of the results of the campaign plus a look at the current TV ecosystem and how viewing patterns are changing.

Westwood One’s Podcast Download – Fall 2020 Report: Platform Wars Are Heating Up, Audiences Are Pandemic Proof, Women Represent the Majority of Newly Arrived Listeners, And Audiences Embrace Advertising

By Brittany Faison
Westwood One’s Podcast Download – Fall 2020 Report is a comprehensive look at podcast audiences and advertising. Topics covered in the report include podcast platforms, usage, content, and advertising trends.