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Now get the most comprehensive collection of music for production for your station. Limitless categories supporting all radio formats, station imaging and advertising needs. Incomparable range with every style imaginable constantly updated with fresh new tracks. Legendary composers, top session players & revolutionary trendsetters.

Contact Neal Weiner at 206.706.1373

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Music consumption has changed, your radio research should change too.

Keep an ear on your local listeners with Nielsen BDSradio. Over 20 Billion streams from top streaming providers are processed each week allowing you to see what’s streaming on demand in your market and nationally, side by side with your playlist.

Nielsen Music is the world’s leading provider of music consumption data for the entertainment industry. Over 2,000 radio stations, satellite radio, video and cable music channels are monitored in real time, 24/7, across 251 markets in the US, Canada and Mexico. Nielsen Music is the data provider for Billboard Magazine and BDSradio is the only research solution for radio programmers that features market level streaming, airplay & sales all in ONE place.|

For more information call Haley Jones at 415-244-6623 or email haley.jones@nielsen.com.

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Radio Voodoo

Radio Voodoo – a sophisticated voice answering phone service…on steroids! Like a dream system, Radio Voodoo can do everything below and more…

  • Answers the Stations Phone Line 24/7
  • Delivers Custom Listener Audio for On-Air & Production
  • Allows for Easy Contesting
  • Sends Text Messaging
  • Provides insight into Programming with Listener Data
  • Polls Your Listeners
  • Generates NTR from Your Phones
  • Links Listener Audio Direct to the Station Facebook Page

Radio Voodoo Website

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Benztown is a leading international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voiceover services company with over 3000 affiliations on six different continents.

Benztown’s proprietary web-based imaging solution, Benztown Branding, is used daily by nearly 1,200 broadcast radio stations and digital services worldwide. Benztown provides custom VO and imaging across all formats, including commercial VO and copywriting. Benztown Radio Networks produces, markets and distributes high quality programming and services to radio stations around the world.



TM Studios

TM Studios, Inc. creates, produces and distributes music-based products and services for broadcast media use. TM Studios’ clients include radio and television stations, satellite and Internet networks, websites, the Armed Forces Radio Network, and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses.

Company product lines include music compilation libraries and services, production music, commercial jingles, radio and TV station imaging packages, morning show prep, and comedy services, along with numerous on-line imaging products.