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New CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One And Horizon Media Study: Why Artificial Fan Noise Increases Ad Receptivity At Live Sporting Events

By Pierre Bouvard
To learn what sports fans thought about fan noise, as well as to ask about their other sports opinions in a year unlike any other, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One and Horizon Media commissioned MARU/Matchbox to execute a study.

Infographic: Kickoff Starts With The NFL On Westwood One

By Chris Lindquist

Miss football? Get in the tailgate state of mind and check out our new infographic. NFL fans are listening on the go. Did you know that 58% of all NFL listening occurs out of home? Among Millennials, 71% of listening is on the go! Find out what football fans are grilling, what they can’t afford to forget at home, and what they’re wearing to support their favorite teams.

Nielsen Infographic: The Six R’s Of Radio

By Brad Kelly
Radio is an integral part of media consumption for millions of Americans. For some advertisers, radio is the best kept secret in media. In order to better tell radio’s story, Nielsen created “The Six R’s of Radio” -- remind, register, reinforce, relate, reach, and return. These are key attributes of radio that can help advertisers build winning media plans.