Reach Voters With AM/FM Radio

Kantar’s Campaign Media Advisory Group (CMAG) projects a $7.8 billion political ad spend for the midterm season across local broadcast TV, local cable/satellite, AM/FM radio, digital, and OTT. $7.8 billion will overwhelm inventories of many TV and digital platforms leaving campaigns to look for new ways to reach voters. Enter AM/FM radio.

Edison Research’s Q1 2021 “Share of Ear” Report: AM/FM Radio Adds Significant Audience To Pandora/Spotify, Reaches Consumers On The Path To Purchase, And Is The Most Listened To Ad-Supported Audio On Smart Speakers

The recently released Q1 2021 edition of Edison Research’s “Share of Ear,” the gold standard audio time use study, reveals that AM/FM radio adds significant audience to Pandora/Spotify, reaches consumers on the path to purchase, and is the most listened to ad-supported audio on smart speakers.