If you have any questions regarding schedules, affidavits, or commercial and spot audio, please write our Operations Team. We’re here to help! Email us or call (1) 888-HELP450 (888-435-7450). When calling, here are your options:


  • Option 1 – Satellite and Storq delivered services
  • Option 2 – Show prep/Commercials
  • Option 3 – Affidavits
  • Option 4 – TM Studios
  • Option 5 – Radio Voodoo
  • Option 0 – Further assistance

Need help getting set-up for commercial and spot delivery from Westwood One’s Content Delivery Network?
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Affiliate Websites for Westwood One Content:

If you need help with logins for the above websites, Email us or call (1) 888-HELP450 (888-435-7450).