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Auto Aftermarket Retailers: Fifth Installment Of Category Study Reveals AM/FM Radio And Podcast Listeners, Do-It-Yourselfers, And Mega-Milers Are The Ideal Audiences To Target

By Pierre Bouvard
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned MARU/Matchbox to conduct the fifth installment of a comprehensive auto aftermarket category study to determine the current state of America’s auto parts retailers. 810 auto parts shoppers were surveyed in June 2022. Here are the key findings.

Sales Event “Valley Of Death”: How To Restore Revenue Growth When Performance Marketing Falters

By Pierre Bouvard
For some advertisers, the primary marketing strategy is “buy now,” a relentless series of sales events and promotions. Ad copy is rational, product and price focused, with limited time offers. Some call this “performance marketing” or “converting existing demand.” The goal is to target people who are in the market.

How Auto Dealer Advertising Works And The Looming Disappearance Of TV Audiences

By Pierre Bouvard
As the U.S. continues its emergence from the pandemic, the Federal Reserve finds auto sales are recovering. In January of this year, the seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) was 15 million vehicles, up from a dip in Q3 and Q4 2021. Cox Automotive forecasts a total of 16 million vehicles sold for 2022. Americans are spending and the time for auto dealers to advertise is now.

Let’s Roll: Why America’s Auto Dealers Need To Increase Their AM/FM Radio Advertising To Reach Consumers Who Are Ready To Buy

By Pierre Bouvard
As the economy recovers and consumer confidence is restored, auto dealers have the opportunity to ramp up advertising efforts to sell cars. An AM/FM radio attribution report released by LeadsRx shows how AM/FM radio campaigns generate significant auto dealer website traffic.

Brand Building AM/FM Radio Campaigns Are Key As Auto Parts Shoppers Shift To Direct-To-Consumer Retailers

By Pierre Bouvard
As online shopping for auto parts picks up steam, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One has commissioned MARU/Matchbox to conduct consumer studies to better understand the buying habits of the American auto parts consumer. Here are the results from studies conducted in 2017 and this year.

AM/FM Radio Drives Brand Awareness For Auto Aftermarket Brand Rain-X

By Lauren Vetrano
Today we are releasing results from a case study for another auto aftermarket brand, Rain-X, the windshield wiper manufacturer. Rain-X worked with Westwood One and MARU/Vision Critical to measure the awareness and brand images of Rain-X as well as how AM/FM radio could help the brand drive sales.

4 Ways NCAA On The Radio Works For An Auto Shocks And Struts Manufacturer

By Pierre Bouvard

A major auto parts manufacturer wanted to quantify how their NCAA radio campaign was working to build their brand and grow purchase intent. Nielsen measured the differences in brand impact between those who were exposed to the NCAA radio campaign versus those who were unexposed. Here are the key findings.