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Back To The Office: Marketers And Agencies Increase Commutes And Days In The Office; Average Americans Commute More Days And Are Exposed More Frequently To Out-Of-Home Advertising And AM/FM Radio Ads

By Pierre Bouvard
In March 2023, the number of U.S. air travelers matched volumes from the same month in 2019. This is the first time since the pandemic that air travel volumes have equaled 2019 levels. Meanwhile, Kastle Systems, the firm that runs the security systems for major office buildings in the top ten cities, reports security card swipe volumes are half of pre-pandemic levels. What is the latest on the state of media agency and marketer commuting patterns?

Back To The Office: Marketers And Agencies Increase Commutes And Days In The Office But Still Lag Behind Average Americans Who Are Exposed More Frequently To Out-of-Home Advertising And AM/FM Radio Ads 

By Pierre Bouvard
Two studies have revealed that despite growth in brand and agency commutes, the marketing industry is still working from home more than the average American. Compared to marketers and agencies, the average American is exposed more frequently to billboards, out-of-home advertising, and AM/FM radio ads.

State Of The American Consumer: September PPM AM/FM Radio Audiences Grow As Office Commutes Hit Post-Pandemic High And School Resumes

By Pierre Bouvard
Office worker commutes recently hit new highs, powering AM/FM radio listening increases in Nielsen’s September Portable People Meter reports. Here is the latest on the state of the American consumer and audio.

The Average American Is Exposed More Frequently To Billboards And AM/FM Radio Ads Than Marketers And Media Agencies Since The Ad Industry Commutes Less

By Pierre Bouvard
Two recently conducted studies reveal the average American is exposed more frequently to billboards and AM/FM radio ads compared to marketers and media agencies. This is because twice as many marketers and media agencies are working from home as the average American.

New Nielsen Consumer Study: Workplace Commuting Increases Sharply, Time Spent In The Car Soars, And Audio Listeners Are More Likely To Make Major Purchases As AM/FM Radio Is The Soundtrack Of The American Economic Recovery

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen recently released the results of a national consumer study of 1,000 adult 18+ respondents conducted March 2022. It was the eighth in a series of studies released since April 2020 measuring the pandemic’s impact on consumer movement, spending, attitudes, and media usage.

PlaceIQ: Get Ready For A Massive Retail Foot Traffic Surge By Late February/Early March

By Pierre Bouvard
PlaceIQ, the leader in geo-location and consumer foot traffic measurement, issued a report last week predicting a surge in retail foot traffic and consumer shopping by late February/early March. Here are the results of the report and highlights the latest data from Google, Nielsen, and Apple Maps to show how the country’s “Third Reemergence” is on the way.

Nielsen: 5 “Back To Normal” Findings Advertisers Need To Know From Latest Wave Of Consumer Study

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen held a client webinar this week to reveal the findings of their sixth COVID consumer tracking study since the pandemic. Their findings are validated by just-released June data from Apple Maps, GeoPath, Google Trends, and Moody’s Analytics.

May Recovery Strong: AM/FM Radio’s Listening Surge Can Help Businesses Bounce Back As America’s Vehicular Traffic And Commuting Continue To Grow

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen’s just-released the May 2021 Portable People Meter data for the top 48 markets in the U.S. revealed yet another month of strong AM/FM radio audience growth amidst a surge in auto traffic.

As The Economy Recovers, The Travel, Auto, And Restaurant Industries Can Find “Ready To Go” Consumers With AM/FM Radio And Podcasts

By Lauren Vetrano
To help in determining a path forward for advertisers as America emerges from the pandemic, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One analyzed a recently released Nielsen study to uncover which media audiences have the greatest purchase propensity.

As The Economy Recovers And The Labor Force Tightens, Passive Job Seekers Outnumber Active Job Seekers Four To One; Companies Can Reach Them With Audio, The Soundtrack Of The American Worker

By Brittany Faison
To analyze the national employment ecosystem and profile the passive job seeker, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One commissioned MARU/Matchbox to field a study to explore changes in the labor market since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let’s Roll: Why America’s Auto Dealers Need To Increase Their AM/FM Radio Advertising To Reach Consumers Who Are Ready To Buy

By Pierre Bouvard
As the economy recovers and consumer confidence is restored, auto dealers have the opportunity to ramp up advertising efforts to sell cars. An AM/FM radio attribution report released by LeadsRx shows how AM/FM radio campaigns generate significant auto dealer website traffic.