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Cumulus Media And Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download – Fall 2022 Report: Watching Podcasts Generates Advertising Attentiveness Greater Than Linear TV; Advertiser Use Of Podcasts Soars To Record Levels

By Lauren Vetrano and Jeff Vidler
For the ninth edition of the Podcast Download series, Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights retained MARU/Matchbox to conduct an in-depth study of 603 weekly podcast listeners in October 2022. The Fall 2022 Report highlights trends from prior studies and examines new topics such as co-listening among parents with children and listener perceptions of brand safety and content appropriateness.

Edison’s “Share Of Ear” Q3 2022: AM/FM Radio Streaming Listening Surges, Now 20% Bigger Than Ad-Supported Spotify And Pandora Combined, And Podcast Audiences Explode

By Pierre Bouvard
Edison Research’s quarterly “Share of Ear” study is the authoritative examination of time spent with audio in America. Here are the findings of the just released Q3 2022 report.

Back To The Office: Marketers And Agencies Increase Commutes And Days In The Office But Still Lag Behind Average Americans Who Are Exposed More Frequently To Out-of-Home Advertising And AM/FM Radio Ads 

By Pierre Bouvard
Two studies have revealed that despite growth in brand and agency commutes, the marketing industry is still working from home more than the average American. Compared to marketers and agencies, the average American is exposed more frequently to billboards, out-of-home advertising, and AM/FM radio ads.

Two Case Studies: AM/FM Radio And Podcasts Work For Pet Supplies Retailers

By Pierre Bouvard
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned a series of Signal Hill Insights studies to measure the impact of two pet retailer campaigns. One was for a retailer’s network radio campaign and one was for a podcast campaign. Both studies revealed AM/FM radio and podcast advertising can generate a significant brand lift and sales effect.

Audio Has A Prominent Role At The Association Of National Advertisers Masters Of Marketing Conference Where CMOs Demonstrated That Diverse And Emotional Creative Generate Powerful Sales Effect

By Pierre Bouvard
Over 2,000 attendees were present last week in Orlando for the Masters of Marketing conference held by the Association of National Advertisers where they gathered to hear from the Chief Marketing Officers of some of the world’s most respected and innovative brands.

Auto Aftermarket Retailers: Fifth Installment Of Category Study Reveals AM/FM Radio And Podcast Listeners, Do-It-Yourselfers, And Mega-Milers Are The Ideal Audiences To Target

By Pierre Bouvard
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned MARU/Matchbox to conduct the fifth installment of a comprehensive auto aftermarket category study to determine the current state of America’s auto parts retailers. 810 auto parts shoppers were surveyed in June 2022. Here are the key findings.

Passive Job Seekers Outnumber Active Job Seekers Two To One; Companies Can Reach Them And Hiring Managers With Audio, The Soundtrack Of The American Worker

By Pierre Bouvard
To analyze the national employment ecosystem and profile job seekers and hiring decision makers, the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned MARU/Matchbox to field a study in July 2022. 1,000 respondents were surveyed to explore the labor market.

Digital Makes The AM/FM Radio Plan Better And Vice Versa

By Pierre Bouvard
New research from Nielsen shows why a blend of digital ad platforms and AM/FM radio is one of the most powerful combinations in media. Some of the largest studies ever conducted on advertising effectiveness have found as the number of media platforms utilized increases, effectiveness and sales effect grow.

State Of The American Consumer: September PPM AM/FM Radio Audiences Grow As Office Commutes Hit Post-Pandemic High And School Resumes

By Pierre Bouvard
Office worker commutes recently hit new highs, powering AM/FM radio listening increases in Nielsen’s September Portable People Meter reports. Here is the latest on the state of the American consumer and audio.

The Cumulus Media 2022 Audioscape: 7 New Findings About The Podcast Audience

By Pierre Bouvard
The recently released Cumulus Media 2022 Audioscape examines the latest podcast consumer and smart speaker trends from Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” Report from Q2 2022 and Nielsen Scarborough’s Podcast Buying Power report. Last week, eight key findings on the smart speaker audience were covered. This week, here are the seven key findings on the podcast audience.

No Debate Necessary: All Podcast Ad Formats Are Extraordinarily Effective; Excessive Frequency Is Still Negatively Impacting Conversions And Sales

By Pierre Bouvard
Which podcast ads work best: live reads, talent pre-recorded ads, or pre-produced programmatic executions? A new study from Tom Webster and Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable called After These Messages looks at these ad formats and answers the question.

Veritonic: Political AM/FM Radio Ad Best Practices: Use The Voice Of The Candidate And Customize The Ad To The Station Audience

By Pierre Bouvard
According to AdImpact, for 2022’s midterm elections, political ad dollars are projected to reach $9.67 billion with “this election cycle outpacing 2020 by nearly $700 million dollars.” AdImpact expects AM/FM radio to take $270 million of the total political ad spend alone. How can political campaigns optimize their use of their AM/FM radio advertising?

Sales Event “Valley Of Death”: How To Restore Revenue Growth When Performance Marketing Falters

By Pierre Bouvard
For some advertisers, the primary marketing strategy is “buy now,” a relentless series of sales events and promotions. Ad copy is rational, product and price focused, with limited time offers. Some call this “performance marketing” or “converting existing demand.” The goal is to target people who are in the market.

“Share Of Ear” Q2 2022: A Five-Year Look Back Reveals Podcast Shares Have Tripled And AM/FM Streaming Has Doubled In Share, Beating Pandora Two To One

By Pierre Bouvard
Edison Research’s quarterly “Share of Ear” study is the authoritative examination of American audio time use. Edison Research surveys 4,000 Americans to measure daily reach and time spent for all forms of audio. These are the key findings from the Q2 2022 release.