AM/FM Radio Gets Results For Advertisers This Holiday Season

With the holidays in full force, retailers and consumers are getting into the spirit. The National Retail Federation reports that an estimated 164 million people are planning to shop Thanksgiving weekend alone. 66% of shoppers are venturing out to take advantage of deals and promotions while 26% consider it a tradition to shop this weekend. Others look at it as simply something to do over the holiday weekend.

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People Remember Radio Ads

Nielsen studies prove radio advertising creates lasting impressions for brands. Effectively improving top of mind awareness through radio campaigns can generate strong ROI. If they remember the ad, they’ll remember the brand.

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AM/FM Radio and Wireless: Connected and Effective

The wireless industry is one of the most competitive business markets in the U.S. Its major players are constantly engaged in a tug of war over new and existing customers. The potential merger of T-Mobile and Sprint will cause a new marketplace dynamic. In this environment, making sure advertising reaches consumers effectively is imperative. Enter AM/FM radio.

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