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Big Audio Datamine: World’s Largest AM/FM Radio Ad Effectiveness Study Reveals AM/FM Radio Advertising Helps Brands Create And Convert Demand; Best Performing Campaigns Emphasize Creative Consistency And Higher Reach

By Pierre Bouvard
Independent data analysis agency Colourtext and Radiocentre, the UK commercial AM/FM radio industry group, recently released the biggest and most comprehensive AM/FM radio ad effectiveness report in the world. Big Audio Datamine encompasses 1,002 campaigns for 463 brands covering 14 sectors.

31 Days To NFL Season Kickoff: New Streaming Options Launch As 56 Million Fans Will Listen To The NFL On Westwood One

By Pierre Bouvard
This season, NFL Thursday Night Football will be on Amazon Prime Video and no longer on a broadcast TV or cable network. To determine the degree of awareness that Amazon Prime Video will be the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football, the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned a national study from MARU/Matchbox.

Cumulus Media Pioneers Swoop Data-Driven Targeting For Broadcast Radio Pharmaceutical Brand Campaigns; New Study For A Pharmaceutical Brand Reveals AM/FM Radio Delivers Significant Reach And Time Spent Among Swoop’s Psoriatic Arthritis Segment

By Pierre Bouvard
In support of the growth in the pharma category, the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® now has access to a new capability for pharmaceutical brands developed with data from Swoop, the precision healthcare marketing experts, and Nielsen that will allow data-driven targeting.

Audio Creative Best Practices: Say The Brand Name Early And Often, Don’t Get Caught Up On Spot Length, And Utilize The Power Of AM/FM Radio And Podcast Personalities

By Pierre Bouvard
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® has tested hundreds of audio ads over the years working with the leading experts in creative testing. The findings from those tests, along with marketing effectiveness and creative strategy work from industry giants, have been combined to form Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group®’s comprehensive Audio Creative Best Practices.

New Studies: AM/FM Radio Is Ideal For Tax Preparation Services As AM/FM Radio Listeners Spend More Than TV Viewers; AM/FM Radio Campaigns Generate Massive Surge In Site Traffic

By Pierre Bouvard
Two new studies measuring national AM/FM radio campaigns for the recently completed 2022 tax season reveal AM/FM radio is the ideal media platform for tax preparation services and generates significant impact. Here are the key findings.

Nielsen Audio Today Key Takeaways: AM/FM Radio Is At The Center Of The Audio Universe With Massive Reach, Delivering Consumers That Spend On The Path To Purchase And Offering Advertisers A Way To Target Demos With Programming Formats

By Pierre Bouvard
Last week, Nielsen released the latest issue of Audio Today 2022: How America Listens. In the report, Nielsen profiles how Americans use broadcast AM/FM radio, podcasts, streaming, and satellite audio.

Three Solutions To The Podcast Ad Frequency Problem: “Remind The Many, Don’t Lecture The Few”

By Pierre Bouvard
The number of times podcast listeners hear an ad campaign is soaring. According to Podsights, the leading podcast attribution measurement firm, average podcast ad frequency has doubled in the past year, reducing podcast conversions. Here are three solutions to the podcast ad frequency problem.

Edison Research’s “Share Of Ear” Q1 2022: Among Registered Voters, AM/FM Radio Dominates Ad-Supported Listening With A 75% Share, Podcasts And AM/FM Radio Streaming Surge, And AM/FM Radio Has An 89% Share In The Car

By Pierre Bouvard
Edison Research’s quarterly “Share of Ear” study is the authoritative examination of American audio time use. Edison Research surveys 4,000 Americans to measure daily reach and time spent for all forms of audio. The Q1 2022 report provides an opportunity to study listening among key voter segments and examine ad-supported audio use by location and demographic.

New Online Sports Betting Study: AM/FM Radio Listeners Show Significantly More Interest and Engagement Than TV Viewers

By Pierre Bouvard
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned MARU/Matchbox to conduct a national brand awareness study of online sports betting brands. 1,252 adults 21+ were surveyed in February 2022. 483 respondents were from states that have legalized sports betting and 769 respondents were from states that have not. The findings were compared to prior studies that were conducted in April and October 2021.

AM/FM Radio Drives Results For Pharmaceutical Brands: Multiple Case Studies Reveal AM/FM Radio Drives Incremental Reach And Action, Grows Share Of Voice, And Delivers High Creative Scores At A Fraction of TV’s CPM

By Pierre Bouvard
Pharmaceutical brands have discovered network radio. According to a Miller Kaplan network radio ad spend analysis, 2021’s pharmaceutical ad spend of $126 million was up 2.5X, skyrocketing from 2018’s $49 million.

Case Study: Meal Kit Delivery Service That Built Their Brand With Podcast Advertising Finds AM/FM Radio Can Expand Their Business

By Pierre Bouvard
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® commissioned The Harris Poll to utilize their brand tracker platform to understand the performance of a leading meal kit delivery service’s advertising performance.

Two New Studies Reveal Growing Interest In Cryptocurrency Investing: Podcast And AM/FM Radio Listeners Over Index On Crypto And The Optimal Media Plan Allocation Is 43% Social, 37% Audio, And 19% TV

By Pierre Bouvard
Two new studies commissioned by the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® reveal growing consumer interest in cryptocurrency. The first study was conducted by MARU/Matchbox in January 2022 among 1,023 average Americans. The second study was completed by MESH Experience in December 2021 on behalf of a major financial firm focused on high investable asset individuals who have at least $500,000 of investments.

Cumulus Media And Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download – Spring 2022 Report: Watching Podcasts Soars As YouTube Edges Out Spotify To Become The Most Used U.S. Podcast Platform And Listeners Prefer Funny And Entertaining Ads To Rational “Feature/Benefit” Creative

By Brittany Faison and Jeff Vidler
For the eighth edition of our Podcast Download series, Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights retained MARU/Matchbox to conduct an in-depth study of 604 weekly podcast listeners in April 2022. The Spring 2022 report highlights trends from prior studies and examines new topics such as the growing use of video podcasts and the type of advertising creative the podcast audience prefers.

Podcast Watching – What You Need To Know: Join Us For The Podcast Download Webinar Presented By Cumulus Media And Signal Hill Insights

By Pierre Bouvard
Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights' Podcast Download - Spring 2022 Report will give brands the chance to look at podcast consumers like never before with a special focus on podcast watchers.