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What Women Want: Media Habits, Content Desires, And How AM/FM Radio Plays A Major Role In The Lives Of American Women

By Pierre Bouvard and Alan Burns
The Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® partnered with Alan Burns & Associates to field a national study of women to examine their habits and attitudes towards media. 1,001 U.S. women 15-64 took an online MARU/Matchbox survey from September 28 –October 6, 2023.

Want To Build A Brand? Audio Is At The Ready; What 1,300+ Nielsen Podcast Brand Lift Studies Reveal About Audio’s Ability To Create Future Demand

By Pierre Bouvard
A sure sign of brand marketers leaning into podcasts is the increase in brand lift studies conducted by Nielsen. Since 2017, Nielsen has conducted an astonishing 1,300+ podcast brand lift studies. They recently released a series of norms and key insights on their database of podcast brand effect work.

The 24%-18%-58% Rule And A Major New Study Reveal Audio Is A Major ROI Driver

By Pierre Bouvard
Profit Ability 2: The New Business Case for Advertising, a significant new study on marketing effectiveness from measurement firms Gain Theory and Ebiquity, along with media agencies EssenceMediacom, Mindshare, and Wavemaker UK, was released last week. The study reveals how advertising drives profit over time.

Marketers Vastly Understate The Sales Effect Of Creative And Significantly Overestimate The Impact Of Targeting

By Pierre Bouvard
Over the last five years, the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® has commissioned Advertiser Perceptions annually to survey brands and media agencies on the sales contribution of five advertising effectiveness factors: Brand, creative, reach, recency, and targeting.

Nielsen: AM/FM Radio Elevates The Media Plan With Dramatic Lifts In Incremental Reach Among Light TV Viewers And Younger Demographics

By Pierre Bouvard
A new Nielsen analysis reveals buying the same media plan as the prior year reaches 12% fewer consumers. Via Nielsen Media Impact, the media optimization and planning platform, Nielsen examined a frequently utilized media plan consisting of 65% linear TV, 10% CTV, and 25% digital.

Head Snapper: Podcast 18-34 Reach Is Now Equal To TV, Female Podcast Habituation Hits An All-Time High, And The One Slide Every Marketer Needs To Have From Edison Research’s Infinite Dial 2024

By Pierre Bouvard
Last week, Edison Research released their annual Infinite Dial study. When Edison Research started the Infinite Dial Study in 1998, the goal was to understand how Americans use emerging forms of audio and new media. or marketers, the most compelling aspect of the study highlighted podcast audiences.

Mediaprobe Neuro Study Smashes The “Sight, Sound, And Motion” Myth: AM/FM Radio Advertising Is +12% More Engaging Than TV Ads

By Pierre Bouvard
In a never-before conducted study, Mediaprobe measured second-by-second electrodermal activity (EDA) and dial data on the response of respondents to pre-recorded AM/FM radio segments in various genres for the purpose of understanding overall strength of ad engagement, brand fit, and recall of the AM/FM radio ads.

Edison’s “Share Of Ear” Q4 2023: Podcasts And AM/FM Radio Represent The Vast Majority Of Time On The U.S. Ad-Supported Audio Clock; Advertiser Perceptions Of Pandora And Spotify’s Audiences Far Exceed Reality

By Pierre Bouvard
Edison Research’s quarterly “Share of Ear” study is the authoritative examination of time spent with audio in America. Edison surveys 4,000 Americans annually to measure daily reach and time spent with all forms of audio. This analysis focuses on what advertisers care about – ad-supported audio.

Nielsen: AM/FM Radio Expands Its Ratings Lead Over TV And Smashing AM/FM Radio’s Drive Time Myth

By Pierre Bouvard
Nielsen’s just released Comparable Metrics from Q3 2023 reveals AM/FM radio continues to be America’s number one mass reach media. Among persons 18+, AM/FM radio out reaches social media, online video, TV/internet-connected devices, and TV.

AM/FM Radio And Podcasts Deliver Decision Makers For Business-To-Business Advertisers

By Pierre Bouvard
Today’s business-to-business marketing environment is becoming increasingly competitive​. With massive reach and multiple options to target valuable business decision makers, AM/FM radio and podcasts are the ideal platforms for the B2B category.

New Nielsen Political Study: AM/FM Radio (Not Connected TV) Is The Solution For Campaigns To Expand Voter Reach, Especially Among Independent/Swing Voters

By Pierre Bouvard
This week on a webinar, Nielsen unveiled a bombshell study sure to catch the attention of political campaigns, media strategists, and political agencies. Nielsen matched a massive voter file to cross platform media use and found the early use of AM/FM radio generates significant voter reach growth, especially among undecided voters.

Podcast Consumers Engage With Social Media And Listen To Episodes Within A Day Of Release According to Cumulus Media And Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download – Fall 2023 Report

By Lauren Vetrano
For the eleventh edition of the Podcast Download series, Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights retained MARU/Matchbox to conduct an in-depth study of 608 weekly podcast consumers in October 2023. The Fall 2023 Report highlights trends from prior studies and examines topics such as co-listening among parents with children, consumer reaction to podcast ads, and perceptions of brand safety and content appropriateness. Today, the focus is how engaged podcast consumers are with podcasts and hosts, from following them on social media to how quickly they listen to a podcast after release.

Yes, AM/FM Radio Attribution For Site Traffic And Search Can Be Measured: LeadsRx 17-Campaign Analysis Reveals A +14% Average Increase In Website Traffic Due To AM/FM Radio Advertising

By Pierre Bouvard
Over the course of five years (from 2019-2023), the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group® has commissioned LeadsRx, a leader in measuring the impact of advertising on site traffic, to conduct 17 attribution studies for brands spanning a variety of categories.