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Drive-To-Web Attribution Case Study For Jewelry Retailer: AM/FM Radio Generates Site Traffic, Plus Creative Performance Insights

By Lauren Vetrano
Westwood One partnered with LeadsRx, a marketing attribution platform that measures website visitor traffic increases after consumers are exposed to advertising, to study online behavior for a major jewelry retailer during their recent national AM/FM radio campaign.

Proving Radio Works with Measurement: Welcome To The Golden Age Of Radio Attribution

By Pierre Bouvard
Four executives from companies leading the radio attribution revolution presented brand new studies and insights on a panel called “Proving Radio Works: Attribution and Measurement” at Radio Ink’s Forecast 2020 conference yesterday. Here are some of the highlights.

First-Ever Podcast Creative Test Gives Brands a Playbook to Drive Branding, Messaging, Reputation and Call to Action

By Pierre Bouvard
For the first time, we’ve tested podcast ads through a partnership with Advertising Benchmark Index (ABX), a creative testing service that evaluates every type of brand creative across all media. Here's what we found.