Proving Promotion Effect: AM/FM Radio’s “End Of Dry Skin” Event Drives Significant Brand Effect For Curél

April 16, 2018 By Lauren Vetrano

Radio station promotions and advertiser events can be measured to prove impact

Branded integrations are one of the most powerful marketing strategies driving sales and brand effect. These promotions “surround the consumer” with local events, contesting, and product sampling, combined with online and broadcast messaging.

There is no medium better suited to these brand activations than AM/FM radio. American AM/FM radio stations are experienced experts at executing advertiser promotions and events. AM/FM radio’s engaged “lean in” audiences are highly responsive to brand promotions.

Westwood One, the leader in radio ROI management, sought to quantify consumer response to a promotional event conducted for Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer, a product from the Kao Corporation, a major consumer personal care firm.

How the program worked:

Partnering with leading ad agency Spark, Cumulus | Westwood One created a unique branded integration that took over Albuquerque, the world’s driest city, in a quest to usher in the “End of Dry Skin.”

Powered by eight Cumulus Albuquerque stations, the campaign reached 351,500 people in the market. It included on-air, onsite, and digital elements as part of the cohesive multi-platform program.

Left: Curél End of Dry Skin hydration station; Right: Station street team appearance

Curél took over the stations through on-air announcements promoting street team appearances and a mobile hydration station. Listeners were encouraged to come down and interact with the brand personally. Online, Cumulus’ own April Aday served as a brand ambassador and mom talent in videos.

On-air and online promotion culminated in a massive live event, an “End of Dry Skin” Concert starring pop star Rachel Platten. Video content from the campaign and performance was captured and used to produce a special video brand spot to be shared across digital and social platforms.

Albuquerque’s End of Dry Skin Concert presented by Curél starring Rachel Platten

Westwood One proves impact through campaign effect study

Westwood One commissioned a study with MARU/Vision Critical to quantify the impact of the Albuquerque promotion.

Two studies were conducted with the brand’s target demo in Albuquerque, women 18-65. The first survey was administered before the promotion began and the second survey took place immediately after the promotion concluded. To determine effectiveness, consumers were asked about moisturizer awareness, brand images, promotion recall, campaign awareness, and purchase intent.

Here’s what we found:

Brand awareness grew: Unprompted, 7% of all respondents were aware of Curél prior to the campaign. Once the radio program ended, unaided awareness doubled, with 14% of respondents aware of the brand. Product awareness of Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer tripled.

Key product images were boosted: Following exposure to the campaign, important product associations grew. Most significantly, those who believed the product worked in the shower grew 125%. Perceptions of the moisturizer’s ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s surface grew 80%. The image of the product ending dry skin grew 43%.

Purchase intent increased: Before the campaign, 30% of respondents reported they would be likely to buy Curél products. Following the campaign, that number increased to 37%. Exposure to the program boosted purchase intent 23%.

The Albuquerque campaign amplified Curél’s impact. The integrated campaign and concert provided the brand exclusive custom content and generated significant impact and awareness. AM/FM radio branded integrations and promotions generate significant and measurable results for advertisers.

Lauren Vetrano is Director of Content Marketing at Cumulus | Westwood One.

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