AM/FM Radio Outreaches Popular Digital Media Destinations By Millions

May 7, 2018 By Lauren Vetrano

Media decision makers face a barrage of platform options when they are strategizing plans. Their decisions can be based on many factors, from their personal media habits to relying on incorrect perceptions about how Americans spend their media time.

But facts are facts. When developing plans, media decision makers should look to hard Nielsen numbers.

Reality: AM/FM radio shows consistent strength outreaching many popular content destinations by millions

AM/FM radio reaches over 243 million Americans every month, more than television, social media networks, and popular e-commerce, news, and sports websites.

Reach is the most powerful media sales driver

A study of nearly 500 cross-media campaigns by Nielsen evaluated media factors driving sales lift. Of the three media factors, reach represents 61% of sales growth. It is 2.5 times more powerful at driving sales lift versus targeting.

AM/FM radio makes TV, search, and digital media options better

Another reality? TV and popular digital destinations can’t be ignored. Fortunately, AM/FM radio plays well in the sandbox. When combined with other media options in the mix, AM/FM radio’s massive reach can help brands improve key marketing initiatives:

  • AM/FM radio makes TV better: Allocating 20% of a TV budget to AM/FM radio increases campaign reach by 40%. The addition of AM/FM radio into the media plan also boosts advertiser awareness, consideration, purchase, and brand advocacy.
  • AM/FM radio turbocharges search impact: According to a study commissioned by the Radio Advertising Bureau, on average, AM/FM radio boosts Google brand searches by +29%.
  • AM/FM radio creates digital impact: AM/FM radio drives digital impact by increasing website interest, converting awareness, and driving retailer website visitation. Similar to television, allocating 20% of a digital budget to AM/FM radio also results in incremental reach increases (+29%) and greater brand impact.

AM/FM radio’s powerful strength as a massive reach medium impacts all other media options available to consumers. Whether television, search sites, or popular digital destinations, with AM/FM radio in the mix, all media boats rise.

Lauren Vetrano is Director of Content Marketing at Cumulus | Westwood One.

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