ROI Case Study: Major Motorcycle Manufacturer Builds Its Brand With Westwood One NFL And NCAA

February 14, 2017 By Pierre Bouvard

You don’t need a visual to get people to resonate with these brand attributes:

  • “Is a brand for people like me”
  • “Has motorcycles with great entertainment systems”
  • “Helps me live my dream”
  • “Is an innovative brand”
  • “Has powerful motorcycles”
  • “Is an American icon”

A major motorcycle brand used Westwood One’s NFL and NCAA platforms to tell its story. Westwood One is the exclusive audio partner of the NFL and the NCAA. Nielsen conducted advertising effectiveness studies on two radio campaigns to determine the impact of AM/FM radio. Here are the key findings:

1. Radio builds vehicle brands. Nielsen compared brand images among those who heard radio ads on Westwood One’s NFL and NCAA broadcasts and those who were not exposed on radio but did watch the games on TV. Look at the impressive lift in brand perceptions as a result of the NCAA radio campaign:

2. Massive ad recall. Among motorcycle owners, the NCAA radio campaign resulted in a 72% increase in advertising recall. Ad recall was very strong in key demographics. Notice how much stronger ad recall was among those who had ever owned a motorcycle. Radio ads work well when messages are relevant to people emotionally connected to a category (ever owned) or those in the market to make a purchase.

3. Westwood One’s radio campaign drove a stunning increase in purchase intent. Compared to those who had not heard the campaign, those exposed to the campaign had a 63% increase in brand purchase intent! Up and down the purchase funnel, those exposed to the radio campaign showed a strong increase in all key measures.

4. A campaign on Westwood One generates a huge interest in brand website visitation. Radio is the engine of digital impact. Amazon and a major home improvement retailer have proven massive increases in website visitation and purchase as a result of their radio campaigns. Now we have more evidence of radio’s strong ability to create digital desire and impact. Those exposed to the Westwood One radio campaign had a 33% increase in interest in visiting the motorcycle manufacturer website.

Use AM/FM radio to build your brand. Radio can:

  • Elevate ad recall
  • Grow key brand images and perceptions
  • Drive website visitation and digital touchpoints
  • Increase brand consideration, favorability, and purchase intent

AM/FM radio is a brand-building machine.

Pierre Bouvard is Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus | Westwood One

Westwood One is the exclusive network radio partner of the NFL and the NCAA, offering upcoming sponsorship packages for March Madness. Contact or your Westwood One representative for details.