Sports Radio Listeners: Super Fans That Can Super Charge Any Media Plan

September 9, 2015 By Brandon Berman

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series about NFL and sports listening on the radio by Brandon Berman, SVP of Sports Sales and Marketing at Westwood One (pictured).

This Thursday night the Patriots and the Steelers kick off the NFL season and radio listeners will again be the core of the most passionate sports fans in America.

Consider these comparisons from MRI of those that listen to sports on the radio versus those that watch on TV.

TV sports viewers are more passive fans compared to radio. Radio fans are active fans more likely to seek online sports information, are sports “gurus,” and are influential consumers.

TV sports viewers are passive fans; radio listeners are active sports fans.

Sports radio listeners are connected.
Consumers that listen to sports on the radio are much more likely to seek out sports information online, according to MRI. Advertisers that use online advertising to reach passionate sports fans should also use radio to build reach and amplify frequency against these super engaged fans.

Compared to sports TV viewers, sports radio listeners are 45% more likely to use their smart phones to search for sports information, 53% more likely to been seen as a sports “guru” and 70% more likely to be a Sports Influential Consumer.

Sports radio listeners are more actively engaged

This greater passion extends to fantasy sports and actually attending games.

Sports radio listeners literally get off their couch. Versus TV viewers, sports radio listeners are twice as likely to attend games and participate in fantasy sports leagues, making them a desirable, engaged group to advertisers.

Millions of fans will tune in this week to NFL on Westwood One, and the number will continue to grow throughout the season. Advertisers looking to reach the most engaged, active group of sports fans can find them on the radio.

Brandon Berman is senior vice president of Sports Sales and Marketing at Westwood One.

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