SUBWAY CMO On Why Radio Personalities Can Sell

June 10, 2015 By Westwood One

Congrats to SUBWAY for winning the prestigious title of Marketer of the Year at the 2015 Radio Mercury Awards!

Accepting the award was Tony Pace, chief marketing officer at SUBWAY, who spoke about how SUBWAY leverages the power of radio personalities to natually weave brand messaging into programming, such as the NFL broadcast.

Pace’s advice to marketers: Provide radio talent with bulletpoints (rather than a script), so they can make live reads more natural. “We believe the talent is terrific…If you allow them to put it in their own words they do it with a passion and a flourish where they really own the copy.”

“Radio is a very personal medium,” he continued. “When anyone who is making a statement comes across as really being a true fan of your brand, that really enhances the registration of the message and really helps you stand out.”

Watch the full video for Pace’s speech and a montage of SUBWAY on the radio:

RMA-Marketer of the Year

from Radio Mercury Awards on Vimeo.