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Pierre Bouvard

Westwood One Signs On To The Nielsen Auto Cloud As The Next Major Product Launch Within the Industry-Leading Westwood One ROI Guarantee

By Pierre Bouvard
Westwood One has selected the Nielsen Auto Cloud fueled by J.D. Power to transform our auto marketing and measurement capabilities. The Nielsen Auto Cloud is a new product offering in our groundbreaking Westwood One ROI Guarantee audio insights platform.

TV, CPG, Retail, And QSR Case Studies That Prove Radio Drives ROI

By Pierre Bouvard
In the last few years, Westwood One has amassed case studies across multiple categories that prove AM/FM radio increases sales with a positive return on advertising spend. Here are four in the TV, CPG, retail, and QSR categories that prove the effectiveness of radio.

Could Podcast Audience Growth Follow The Same Pattern As Online Audio Streaming?

By Pierre Bouvard
They say history is the best predictor of the future. If that’s true, can the growth trajectory of podcasting be predicted by historical adoption patterns of online audio streaming? Using Edison Research's Infinite Dial, we look at the possibilities.

How Does The Audience Profile Of AM/FM Radio Streaming Differ From The On-Air Audience Profile?

By Pierre Bouvard
One would think the audience profile of an AM/FM radio station stream would be similar to the on-air audience. A recent analysis of the Westwood One Digital Streaming Network audience reveals some key differences in audience profile that are compelling for advertisers.

Better Together: T-Mobile And Sprint Merger Represents Significant Growth Opportunities For Both Brands

By Pierre Bouvard
The impending T-Mobile and Sprint merger represents a big change for the companies and telecom landscape. The potential for growth is huge not just in size and sales but also in brand images and awareness. What are the implications?