“Programming” and “24/7 Formats”

Our site comes with two unique custom post types:

  • “Program” which is under “Programming” in your admin menu.
  • “Format” which is under “24/7 Formats” in your admin menu.

These custom post types behave similar to Pages, but cannot have parent pages. Instead, their structure is defined by their categories which automatically generate easily-browsable archives. They use a pre-defined, two-column post template, have custom header display options in the editor, and look quite different from a generic page with a fully responsive, custom display for the header and featured image.

Check out the Example Program already created for more details.

All Program pages use the “programs” URL base along with their category, and all Format pages use the “formats” URL base along with their category.

For example, a Program titled “Our Program” in the Classic Hits category of the Music & Entertainment category might have a URL such as:


Categories for these post types are distinct from other site categories, and have a custom display. An archive page for Programs and Formats automatically includes all direct child categories as a list with their featured images displayed as cards, as well as sub-category links allowing visitors to “drill down” into categories by clicking the child category name.