Category Archives

Posts, Programs, and Formats have categories. This site automatically generates easily-browsable archives from those categories. You have the option to control the display of those automatically generated archives with custom features unique to our theme.

When editing a category, you may notice some extra options.

The first and most powerful custom option is Page as Header. Using this setting, you can completely replace the normal, automatically generated header for a category’s archive with the content of a page. Using this option disables other header display options. For site consistency, it is recommended to only use this in extreme circumstances where you cannot achieve the look you require with other options. It is also recommended to mark any page used as a category header “noindex” in its SEO options so they are not included in search results and sitemaps.

Not using a Page as Header does not mean you have no style control over the automatic headers! Read on:


The Subtitle field lets you supply a custom subtitle displayed with the category name in the automatically generated header.

Use Parent Archive Display Settings

This option opens additional custom display settings for archives of the category. Note the reference to “parent.” By default, this is set to “yes”, which means this category will inherit all display settings under this setting from its parent. If it has no parent, it will use default settings. This allows you to change the display settings for an entire hierarchy of categories at once by only altering the parent category’s settings.

If you toggle that setting to “no” you will see an expanding box of options to control the category display.

Show Sidebar

Our theme comes with a global sidebar, where widgets can be managed under Appearance if your account has such access. Very likely you will want to leave this set to the default, “show”, because as explained in the Sidebar tutorial, the global sidebar is normally empty anyway. However, if you have set global widgets, or created an override sidebar that may affect this category, you can optionally choose to hide it.

Header Background

When not using Page as Header, you still have some style control of automatically generated category archive headers. Here, you can set the background color, add an image background, and change the text color of the category name and subtitle.

Display Format

Category archives can be displayed as a simple “list” of posts, or as stylized “cards”.

Post Display

In this section, you can control the elements displayed of the posts within the category archives using the remaining toggles:

Take Complete Control

For advanced users, a category archive can be overridden entirely by creating a Page with the same URL slug as the category.