New Block! Family Links

This site includes a custom block which automatically generates a linked list (menu) of the child page hierarchy of a specified parent page. For example, here’s a Family Links block for the main Tutorials page, listing all of its child pages:

You can choose any page your account has access to view. With the block selected, you’ll find a number of customizations featured in the block options on the editor sidebar, including the parent page selector, list style (“plain”, “bulleted”, etc), margins, borders, colors, current page highlight options, and more. To save from clutter, many customization options are not displayed by default. Be sure to check the “+” or three-dot menu next to option categories for additional features!

Pages explicitly marked “noindex” in AIOSEO or Yoast settings are excluded by default, but you may select to exclude specific child pages easily from the block’s exclusion options.