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The Cumulus Media 2022 Audioscape: 6 New Findings About The Podcast Audience And Smart Speaker Owners That Reveal Where They Live, Who They Are, Their Audio Habits, And More

By Pierre Bouvard
The recently released Cumulus Media 2022 Audioscape examines the podcast consumer and smart speaker trends using data from Edison Research’s “Share of Ear” Report from Q4 2021.

New Study: Major Personalities Generate Significant Incremental Reach For Marketers Who Advertise On Both AM/FM Radio And Podcasts; Dan Bongino Leads In Awareness And Favorability Among New National Talk Shows Launched In 2021

By Pierre Bouvard
To understand which platforms audiences use to listen to major national talk personalities, Westwood One retained MARU/Matchbox to survey 1,501 U.S. adults 18+ on their listening habits to major national personalities in February 2022.

Edison Research’s “Share Of Ear” Q4 2021: Among Registered Voters, AM/FM Radio Dominates Ad-Supported Listening, Podcasts And AM/FM Radio Streaming Surge, And AM/FM Radio Has An 88% Share In The Car

By Brittany Faison
The just-released Q4 2021 "Share of Ear" report from Edison Research provides an opportunity to study listening among key voter segments and examine ad-supported audio use by location and demographic.

New Advertiser And Consumer Studies On Media Attentiveness And Ad Skipping From The CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One Audio Active Group®

By Pierre Bouvard
The Media Attentiveness and Ad Skipping Report incorporates several new studies that examine consumer attentiveness and concentration levels when using various media platforms, ad-skipping tendencies, and the reasons why listeners choose to use various audio platforms.

Branded Podcasts: Who’s Creating Them And Best Practices For Getting Them Right

By Lauren Vetrano
What do marketers and agencies think about branded podcasts? New data from Advertiser Perceptions shows the future of branded podcasts is bright. Plus, best practices from podcast expert Steve Goldstein for advertisers considering getting into the world of branded podcasts.

As TV Viewers Flock To Ad-Free Video Streaming, Advertisers Can Find Lost Audiences With Podcasts

By Pierre Bouvard
In December of last year, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One and Signal Hill Insights released the seventh installment of the Podcast Download series. The data showed how advertisers can use podcasts to reach consumers who are difficult to reach with TV or advertising-free streaming platforms.

CUMULUS MEDIA And Signal Hill Insights’ Podcast Download – Fall 2021 Report: Platform Wars Heat Up As Spotify Is Now The Leading Listening Destination And The Big Three (Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify) Expand Share

By Brittany Faison and Jeff Vidler
For the seventh edition of our Podcast Download series, CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One and Signal Hill Insights retained MARU/Matchbox to conduct an in-depth study of 600 weekly podcast listeners in October 2021. The Fall 2021 report highlights trends from prior studies as well as examining new topics such as the emerging array of social audio platforms.

Edison’s “Share Of Ear” Q3 2021 Five-Year Report Card: Pandora Collapses, Spotify Stagnates, Podcasts Soar, AM/FM Radio Dominates, And AM/FM Radio Streaming Is Up 2X

By Pierre Bouvard
Edison’s quarterly “Share of Ear” study is the authoritative examination of American audio time use. The just-released Q3 2021 report provides an opportunity to look back over five years to understand the shifts in U.S. listening.

Nielsen: Spirits Brand Integration In The Who Was Prince? Podcast Hosted By Touré Achieves Strong Brand Fit And Generates Growth In Brand Equity And Purchase Intent

By Pierre Bouvard
The CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One Audio Active Group commissioned Nielsen to conduct a study evaluating the effectiveness of a spirits brand’s sponsorship of the Cumulus Podcast Network’s show Who Was Prince? hosted by Touré.

Home Improvement: Eight Studies Reveal Audio Is Sales Engine Of The Category

By Pierre Bouvard
Eight consumer studies commissioned by the CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One Audio Active Group over a six-year period find audio listeners are the engine of home improvement sales and reveal creative and media strategies that can optimize impact.