XDS Receiver FAQs

You can verify the XDS receiver is tuned and locked to our satellite carrier as follows:

Pro-4 Model

The front panel LCD screen will display:

(# = numerical value other than zero; a good EB is above 6.0; a good AG is between 20 and 90)

Pro-1 Model

Query the receiver frequency as follows:

  1. Set up a HyperTerminal session on a PC at 115200 8.N.1
  2. Connect serial DB-9 from PC to Pro-1 Console Port in rear of receiver
  3. At prompt, type ‘login tech radio’
  4. This will then reply ‘You are logged in as TECH’
  5. At prompt type ‘Tuner Show’ and it should return:

RF: 1121000 kHz
SR: 9259500 sps
VR: 3/4
DR: 12800000 bps

If you’ve never done this before, you’ll need your XDS receiver serial number and daily password which are available in the Setup menu of Pro-4 receivers. Log in to the XDS Affiliate site and choose the radio station whose satellite programming you want to see. Then select the tab: Program List. A list of programs for that station will appear alphabetically in the drop down menu. Select your program by highlighting and clicking.

Some programs require special authorization based upon your affiliation agreement with the program provider. You will need to contact Technical Services at 888.435.7450 opt. 1 then 2 or email noc@westwoodone.com to become authorized for such programs. Note that some programs are listed by the syndicator’s name or abbreviation. Others are listed by program title or the host’s name.

Log in to the XDS Affiliate Site, hover your mouse pointer over the Help menu and click on the Scheduling Primer. This document will walk you through the process.