Coaxial Cable

Cable signal loss and cable length are important considerations in a satellite installation. All cables for the satellite L-band IF must be 75 ohms.

TypeLoss per 100 feet at 1,500 MHzMax length without an amplifier
RG-5911dB150 feet
RG-68dB200 feet
RG-115dB330 feet

Do not use “video cable”, even if labeled “professional”. It has even higher loss than RG-59.

Splitters allow you to put more than one receiver on the same LNB cable. Keep in mind that each 2-way split adds almost 4 dB to system losses unless an amplified “lossless” splitter is installed. Don’t use splitters from home centers or electronics stores that are intended for TV frequencies.

Correct installation of the cable is extremely important. Make sure the connectors are crimped properly and weatherproofed. Direct-bury rated cable should not be buried under roads or parking lots. If possible, use metal or plastic conduit.