Westwood One CDN

Getting content from Westwood One has never been easier using the Content Delivery Network. Westwood One has everything you need – and it’s just one click away!

Using the Westwood One Content Delivery Network is as easy as getting your email online. Looking for spots, music, logs or any other content from Westwood One? It’s now as simple as logging in to a website and choosing the content and downloading it to your computer, server or automation system.

How Do I Get a User Name and Password?

Contact your customer service department at 888-HELP450 (888-435-7450). Once you have access to this system please remember your email address is the way Westwood One communicates with your station. If personnel change at the radio station and you need to update the email address email Westwood One at support.cdn@Westwood One.com.

If you want multiple people to get notifications we can set that up for you or you can set up an email account for the station.

How To Use the Content Delivery System:

[PLEASE FIX: much of this content is broken on the current site!]


Yes. If you have computer problems you can use another computer to download spots for a second or third time.

Yes. You can use this at any of the computers at your station.

Your station will get an email from Westwood One when revisions for spots come in.

The schedule will still be in the affiliate affidavit website.

The Content Delivery Network is run on the latest version of Java and your operating system should be Windows XP Service Pack 3 or better. Compatible web browsers include IE 6 SP1 or better and/or Firefox 2 or better. Minimum Computer Memory Required is 64 MB. Check the Java website for more information.