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7 Days to Sunday
A week-long one hour program, featuring exclusive interviews with players, head coaches, and NFL greats, breaking news, expert game previews and predictions, and flashbacks to top Super Bowl moments, each night during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Can air between 10PM-1AM local time.

NFL Preview

A 30-minute program that offers a comprehensive view of the NFL games. Can air Friday 2PM-midnight ET, Saturday 6AM-midnight ET or Sunday 6AM-1PM ET (postseason times vary). Every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night regular season football game.

NFL Insider
A one-hour program featuring news, previews and interviews with the NFL’s biggest stars. Can air Friday 1PM-midnight ET, Saturday 6AM-midnight ET or Sunday 6AM-1PM ET (postseason times vary).

NFL Today
A 60-minute LIVE program that takes you around the country to provide game-day analysis and the latest information from NFL venues. Must air LIVE on Sundays from 11:30AM – 12:30PM ET.

Fantasy Football Forecast
A weekly two minute feature that offers a quick rundown suggesting which players to acquire, trade, start or bench on your fantasy football team. Can air Friday 12PM ET-midnight ET, Saturday 6AM-midnight ET or Sunday 6AM-1PM ET.

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