Westwood One introduces a new service for local radio stations which allows them to optimize ROI, increase market share, increase revenue, and improve accountability. Veritone… powered by Westwood One — a partnership between Westwood One and Veritone Media — is a cloud-based cognitive audio platform that automates the capture and tagging of content and live read endorsements, making them accessible to advertisers in near real-time. Veritone…powered by Westwood One also provides digital amplification across search and social media and extends the reach of podcasts, on-demand audio, streaming, and website content.

The Veritone…powered by Westwood One user-friendly platform provides a dashboard to access all of a station’s programming – captured to the cloud – that is transcribed to text, searchable, and sharable with a one-click audio link and audience metrics.

Stations interested in learning more about Veritone… powered by Westwood One
email Todd Alan or call (212) 735-1107.