Hosted by Dr. Henry J. Fishman, HealthWatch gives us the news we need to know most in an informative radio report each weekday. Concise information on health and wellness.

Dr. Henry J. Fishman, recognized by the national media as a medical expert, is the former Chief of Allergy at Georgetown University Hospital. Dr. Fishman hosts PBS Television’s TV MD on more than 240 stations coast to coast. He also wrote and reported the daily medical feature, Health and Medicine, which was syndicated by the Associated Press Radio Network. He’s been an active member of the DC medical community for nearly three decades.

  • Host: Dr. Henry J. Fishman
  • Length of Feature: 1:30, including Network :30
  • Show airs: Monday-Friday
  • Feed Times: 8:22am, 11:25am, 12:25pm ET. XDS Program Name: Healthwatch
  • Delivery Method: XDS and MP3

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