Music Imaging

Westwood One’s Music & Imaging Service is perfect for the station that wants to employ a local air staff, without spending time on researching, sourcing and scheduling music. Music & Imaging is available in over 20 popular formats and versions, to enable you to place your station strategically in your market, and focus your resources on connections with audience and sponsors.

Every week, the service provides a professionally scheduled music log, designed for integration into any local automation system, as well as any music files relevant to that log.

And it doesn’t stop there. In most cases, Westwood One provides a complete imaging package, with custom IDs, liners and sweepers, tuned to the format and featuring top-quality voices and production.

The Westwood One Music & Imaging Service is available in a market-exclusive basis, for barter or cash. Please inquire as to availability in your market:

Eric Sundstrom
Dan Pearman
Neal Weiner

Music Schedules & Imaging
Hot AC
Hits Now
Rock 2.0
Hot Country
Mainstream Country Blue
Mainstream Country Silver
Mainstream Country Gold
Classic Country – including specialty music weekends
Nash Icon
Classic Hits – including specialty music weekdays and weekends
Classic Hits Gold – including specialty music weekdays and weekends
Classic Hits Rock
Classic Rock – including specialty music weekdays and weekends
Classic Rock X
Variety Hits Pop
Variety Hits Rock
Real Country (timed hours) – including specialty music weekend and monthly features
Adult Standards (timed hours)

Music Schedules Only
• AC Variety Gold – Big, deep, gold library. Familiar music from the 70’s through the 2,000’s
• Bright AC – Sits between Mainstream and Hot AC, conservative Hot AC, no Urban
• Soft Gold 45+ – Very conservative AC, only the biggest, safest hits
• Mainstream AC – Straight forward AC, but a bit deeper gold library
• Hot Country Custom – a separate log scheduled from HTC above
• Mainstream Country Custom – a separate log schedule from MSC Blue above