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The family is not just a passing political platform. It is a building block for a strong society. But as pressures on the home increase, families need support and encouragement.

Focus on the Family Commentary is a one-of-a-kind, 90-second feature designed to provide your listeners with daily tips on the keys to stronger marriages, effective parenting, deeper relationships and a more satisfying life. The program is hosted by respected author and family advocate, Jim Daly. As president and CEO of Focus on the Family, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and thoughtful insight to the feature as he has been integrally involved in delivering the organization’s message for more than 20 years. A married father of two young boys, he provides a fresh, real life approach that is highly relatable to your audience. Common sense answers to the challenges facing today’s families are offered with an easy humor and sensitivity.

Focus on the Family radio programs are aired by more than 1,500 broadcast outlets in North America and carried on nearly 3,000 stations internationally.

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