New Series from DCP Entertainment Debuts Today

NEW YORK, NY – March 31, 2021 – CUMULUS MEDIA’s Westwood One today announces the debut of the Politics of Food podcast, an in-depth look into the intentional politicization, economics, and community impact of food on a global scale.

Political strategist and organizer Cristina González hosts the show, talking with restaurateurs, executives at major food companies, farmers, consumers, and experts on a wide variety of issues. González explores the impact of COVID-19 on restaurants, social issues like racism in food media, and the different ways political decisions work as a force to drive hunger across the globe.

“Food impacts all of our lives in more profound ways than we may realize,” said Chris Colbert, CEO of DCP Entertainment. “Politics of Food will help us understand that impact and help us explore better systems that can create equity and safety for both consumers and food workers.”

Politics of Food is available at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Pandora, among other platforms. Westwood One distributes, markets, and monetizes all forthcoming podcasts as well as their back catalogue.

About DCP Entertainment
DCP Entertainment’s mission is to provide a platform for people of color, women, and LGBTQ communities, and to highlight stories around mental health, disability, and overcoming adversity. Other productions from DCP Entertainment include Say Their Name, which was nominated for the 2021 Ambies Award “Podcast of the Year” and Toure Show, which was a 2020 Webby Award “Best Crime & Justice Episode” honoree. Other productions include Democracy-ish, Make It Plain, and Woke AF. For more information, visit and follow @DCPofficial on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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