DALLAS – November 02, 2020 – Major Triad Media a partnership consisting of three historic TM Studios figures, Creative Director Dave Bethell, Chris “UK” Stevens, and legendary jingle icon and current General Manager Greg Clancy, today announces the acquisition of world-renowned jingle and production music house TM Studios from Westwood One. TM now transitions from being a Dallas-based company to a multi-national entity with studios in Dallas, LA, and the UK. The transaction finalized on the 30th Anniversary of the merger between TM Productions and Century 21 Productions, which became TM Century, Inc., a predecessor to TM Studios.

“From listening to TM jingles on my local radio station in England when I was a kid to becoming a fan, I’ve always wanted to work for TM. Eventually it was the place where I had my big jingle break back in 2005,” said Dave Bethell. “I’ve written and produced for TM Studios continuously ever since. As co-owner I’m excited to tell the next chapter of TM’s incredible story with our perfect new partnership.”

“I’m so excited to be part of the team to take TM’s legendary name into a new chapter, and from my home country, no less,” added Chris “UK.” “It’s been fifteen years since I originally relocated from London to Dallas to work with TM. It is a dream come true to become part of the new ownership team.

“I vividly remember watching my dad sing in TM vocal sessions as a kid and had my first vocal session at TM as a 12-year old boy. I began singing for Tom Merriman and Jim Kirk at 23, straight out of college,” said Greg Clancy. “Just imagine what this moment means to me. We are standing on the shoulders of giants and can’t wait to grow and extend the TM legacy. ”

TM Studios will continue to work with Westwood One, with a multi-year agreement to serve as exclusive barter representative to seamlessly serve existing clients.

Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing, CUMULUS MEDIA and President, Westwood One added, “Greg, Dave, and Chris each have a special and unique history with TM Studios. They are the perfect team to lead TM through its next incarnation. We look forward to the magic they will create and to continued success working with them.”

About the partners
Greg Clancy is an accomplished singer, writer and producer of radio station jingles and commercial jingles. His voice and compositions are heard on thousands of radio stations around the world. Greg also directs the 13-time gold medal winning men’s chorus, The Vocal Majority, and sings tenor in the champion quartet, Max Q. Greg can often be seen singing the national anthem with his quartet at Dallas Mavericks games.

Dave Bethell is a well known jingle/music composer producer, voiceover artist, and business owner. He was the voice of the London 2012 Olympic games and is currently the voice of Virgin Radio UK and dozens of radio stations around the world. Dave created a famous radio-specific Production Music Catalog, Beds & Beats, which he sold to BMG in 2015.

Chris “UK” Stevens is former VP/Creative at TM from 2005 to 2010 and has since returned to Manchester, England. Chris runs a successful production company and programs one of Europe’s leading country radio stations. Chris launched the world’s first updating jingle package while at TM, and is an accomplished composer and broadcaster.

About TM Studios
TM Studios, Inc. is the industry leader in custom station jingles, from full buyouts to updating services and syndicated imaging packages. TM creates, produces, and distributes music-based products and services for broadcast media use. TM’s clients include radio and television stations, satellite and internet networks, the American Forces Radio Network, and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses. TM was formed as TM Productions by Tom Merriman and Jim in 1967 and has been owned and operated by iconic individuals, such as Roy Disney and Bill Drake. In 1990, TM merged with Century 21 to create jingle and production music superpower TM Century. TM has been owned by the Jones Media group, Triton Radio Networks, Dial Global, and Westwood One.

About Westwood One
Westwood One, the national-facing arm of CUMULUS MEDIA, offers iconic, nationally syndicated sports, news and entertainment content to over 250 million monthly listeners across an audio network of nearly 8,000 affiliated broadcast radio stations and media partners. Westwood One is the largest audio network in America, home to premium content that defines the culture, including the NFL, the NCAA, the Masters, the Olympics, and Westwood One Backstage. The rapidly growing Westwood One Podcast Network delivers popular network and industry personalities and programs. Westwood One connects listeners with their passions through programs and platforms that have everyone listening. For more information, please visit www.westwoodone.com.

Dave Bethell | TM Studios | dbethell@tmstudios.com