April 17, 2020 – Dallas-based TM Studios has created two FREE ready-to-air commercial jingles for use by any radio station. They are specifically designed to help local advertisers present appropriate branding and messaging during the COVID-19 crisis.

“A challenging by-product of this time is a drop in local ad spending,” said Greg Clancy, GM/VP Creative at TM. “These jingles share positive messages and can be used to create goodwill for station advertisers. It’s a great creative tool to get businesses reengaged with local radio advertising.”

The jingles are sung campaigns featuring the lyrics We’re Better Together and We Have Each Other. They can be used for any business category.

“I believe part of the reason local advertisers are holding back is that they don’t know what to say on the air right now,” added Chris Stevens, VP Affiliate Management. “These jingles give advertisers a chance to address the community, maintain brand awareness, and build positive emotional equity.”

The free jingles are from a new division of TM Studios, TM Commercial. TM Commercial is a ready-to-air library of sung jingle campaigns for almost any local business category. Every jingle has its own unique music style and vocal campaign, and each jingle can be customized with a client name. Originally planned for a summer launch, TM is bringing this to market now to help stations drive local ad revenue.

Download all the mix outs of the free jingles, with unlimited use, at LocalJingles.com.

For more information, email info@tmstudios.com.