This week on the Westwood One blog, Audience Insights Inc. President Jeff Vidler outlines the reasons why advertisers are starting to open their wallets for podcasts using highlights from Westwood One and Audience Insights Inc.’s Podcast Download – Spring 2019 Report:

  • Podcast listeners are deeply engaged: A compelling podcast is reminiscent of the immersive experience of snorkeling. It can bring you into another world and make otherwise dead time fly by.
  • There is a personal connection between podcast listeners and podcast hosts: Listeners develop a close relationship with their favorite podcast hosts and shows. The top three reasons why podcast listeners pay attention to podcast ads revolve around the host and the listeners’ personal connection to the podcast.
  • Podcast ads are least likely to be skipped: Fewer podcast listeners skip or avoid ads in podcasts, especially compared to ads in other digital media.
  • Podcasts represent a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach an on-demand audience: Podcasting’s on-demand nature and unique content draws listeners to the platform. Along with video and music streaming platforms, podcasts fall in the upward trend of on-demand content. However, podcasts are one of the few on-demand providers that are open to advertisers.