Dallas, TX — April 18, 2019TM Studios, the legendary jingle production company in Dallas, has partnered with On The Sly, a boutique audio branding house in London, UK, to represent On The Sly Intros, Outros, and Power Starts to U.S. radio stations for cash and barter.

On The Sly’s audio branding tools inject custom station branding inside the songs, giving stations sonic ownership of the hits while never stopping the momentum. On The Sly Intros and Outros sing the station name seamlessly over the fronts and ends of songs. Power Starts use bespoke branding elements and vocals that are more imaging-focused. All are expertly crafted to ensure the perfect segue, powering into the song before the artist-focused branding sears the station name into the song forever. On The Sly’s work is already heard in major markets, including LA’s MY-FM and on giant radio brands in America and around the world.

David Wakefield, Director for On The Sly says, “For years we’ve been the secret weapon of major market stations by offering something that’s unique in their markets and that delivers maximum music flow. The recall of the branded songs is huge, and the listeners love them. We’re pumped to work with TM to bring this unique offering to more stations across the US.”

Greg Clancy, VP, Creative at TM says, “I became a huge fan of On The Sly the first time I heard their work in LA. It’s like an audio magic trick with the station imaging sewn into the songs in a way that only On The Sly can do. They also produce Outros, supplying stations with yet another innovative way to brand the songs and get perfect music flow. Adding On the Sly to our arsenal of audio branding services is a long-term vision that is happening now.”

Every Intro, Outro, and Power Start is custom-tailored to each station, allowing programmers total control over what songs are used in the launch and the monthly updates. Every piece is unique, perfectly produced and delivered fully-mixed.

To lock-up your market now or receive more info, contact info@tmstudios.com or call Chris Stevens, VP Affiliate Management, at (972) 406-6813.

About TM Studios
TM Studios, Inc. is the industry leader in custom station jingles, from full buyouts to updating services and syndicated imaging packages. TM creates, produces, and distributes music-based products and services for broadcast media use. TM’s clients include radio and television stations, satellite and internet networks, the American Forces Radio Network, and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses. Product lines include production music, commercial jingles, radio and TV station imaging packages. TM Studios world headquarters in Dallas, TX, houses a state-of-the-art recording facility, featuring several composing, recording, mixing and post-production studios. For more information, visit www.tmstudios.com.

About On The Sly
On The Sly is a specialist in bespoke audio branding and music production for the world’s largest radio brands. Based in the heart of London’s West End, they service market leading radio stations worldwide. Clients include 104.3 MYFM LA, Lite FM Chicago, BBC Radio 1 UK, Virgin Radio International. For more information visit www.onthesly.com

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