“There’s no doubt in my mind that everything he’s saying is completely false….He should be ashamed of himself.”

NEW YORK, NY– March 5, 2019

There is shock, outrage, denial, and doubt on all sides among viewers of HBO’s explosive and controversial documentary Leaving Neverland, the story of two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who claim they were groomed and then sexually abused by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, when they were children.

This morning, Brandi Jackson, daughter of Jackie Jackson and niece of Michael Jackson, called in to Westwood One’s Rick and Sasha defending her uncle and branding accuser Robson a liar. Brandi has first-hand knowledge of Robson. Michael Jackson introduced them and she dated him for seven years over a 10-year friendship. She talked openly with co-hosts Rick Party and Sasha the Diva about her relationship with Robson, why she thinks he is lying, the Jackson family’s response, and more.

This link features two audio segments from the interview. Here are some highlighted quotes with time codes:

Segment 1:

-On Brandi’s expectations upon viewing the documentary–
1:49—“It was so far over what I was even expecting them to say that it became comical to me.”
1:54—“This Is not my uncle they are talking about, it’s as clear as day…for me, it’s even more clear because I’ve known Wade and his family. We had a 10-year friendship/relationship, so I know those people very, very well.”

-On why she thinks Robson lied—
3:32—“Honestly, I think that life is rough and he’s been trying to sell this story since he got pulled from the Cirque show, which was his last attempt at something in a ‘Michael sort of way,’ to make money. That’s how he survived his entire life, basically, is next to Michaels’s name, and when everything is getting pulled from you left and right and you’ve got nothing else, people get desperate…there’s no doubt in my mind that everything he’s saying is completely false.”
4:31—“In the very beginning, he spoke about how sweet and kind my uncle is, these things are true, things of that nature, and how he built his ranch for people to have a bit of a paradise…everything else that he said, his character, weird things, none of that is true.”

-On what she would say to Robson if he were in front of her—
5:03—“I would have to restrain myself from doing anything too drastic. Sometimes you become so upset with someone because of the lies they keep telling…I would just have to tell him to stop. I would be so curious to hear it out of his own mouth, how he could form his words to say. He has literally embarrassed, I think, himself and his family, as well as myself and my family, for making these things up. He should be ashamed of himself, he really should.”

-On how grandmother and family matriarch Katherine Jackson is taking all of this—
5:41—“This is hard. This is hard for her, but she’s strong and the thing holding you together is knowing the truth. That’s really what keeps us going.”

Segment 2:
-On her thoughts on how well accusers Robson and Safechuck really know each other–
1:04—“I don’t know how well they know each other. The entire time I knew Wade, James wasn’t around…they’ve had a few years to come up with these stories. They’ve got quite a lot of it – they kind of twist everything to make it seem things were more sinister than they were…the sinister parts weren’t there. These things didn’t happen.”

-On who she thinks is behind all of this—
1:58—“In regards to Wade specifically, as I said before, there’s some desperation with him and his mother. I’ve known these people for 10 years. His family and my family had blended. We basically had become one big family. Even after my uncle died, Wade was calling me after the funeral, how he can get close to Paris, Prince, and Blanket. They were like family members to him. There’s something bigger than just what’s going on with just Wade.”

-Her thoughts on the Oprah Winfrey interview which followed the documentary—
2:32—“The Oprah thing, it’s quite strange to me. As a journalist to put a documentary out one-sided, and support it? There’s something that’s not right to me. They don’t want the truth.”

-On how the Jackson family will speak out and tell their truth–
7:07—“My cousin Taj, he’s a filmmaker and he’s currently working on a documentary. I’m going to help him with it as well and anyone that has anything to say, we will make them a part of this, for sure.”

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