“You have to know the difference between kind and cunning.”

NEW YORK, NY– January 15, 2019

There is widespread public outrage and shock among the millions of viewers who watched Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly documentary, a series riddled with stories of the singer’s years of sexual abuse and manipulation, all of which he has denied. This morning, Andrea “Drea” Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, sat down for very raw and very candid in-depth radio interview with Westwood One’s Rick and Sasha.

During the course of the interview, Ms. Kelly was extremely forthcoming, sometimes tearful, and talked openly with co-hosts Rick Party and Sasha the Diva about her relationship with the embattled recording artist — from their initial friendship and secret wedding to years of emotional abuse, infidelity, rumors and allegations, sex tapes, haters on social media, and more.

This link features several video segments; here are some highlighted quotes with time codes:

Segment 2.1:
4:30—On how they met; she was 19 and auditioned as a dancer

Segment 2.2:
5:55—On the stream of women outside rehearsals clamoring to meet R. Kelly

Segment 2.3:
1:59–On R. Kelly initially being kind: “You have to know the difference between kind and cunning.”
4:04–Do you think he was faithful? “Not at all.”
5:48–On showing up for a trip and finding out she was getting married, right at that moment, with the ring, minister, and license ready to go. (The license was signed under false pretenses)
7:26—Was there any sign of physical and mental abuse? “It was more mental and emotional.”

Segment 2.4:
1:46—On people thinking other women were constantly in and out of the house. “What you do outside this house is between three people, God, karma, and the grave.”
2:10—How was he as a parent, with your children? (2:52) “I didn’t create these children by myself. If you’re going to be a father, you need to be present…and I found myself in a marriage being a single mom…”

Segment 2.5:
:30—On why she hasn’t changed her last name. “At the end of the day, I paid for my name in blood, sweat, and tears.”

Segment 3.1
2:30—Do you think he should go to jail? “He should…and he needs a psychiatric evaluation.”

Segment 3.2:
1:13—On R. Kelly being abusive to their daughter in front of their son. “In that moment, I didn’t have the courage to leave but my daughter gave me the strength to leave. I walked away because of her. Do I want little Rob to grow up in a house where abusing women is OK? And then that’s when I decided I can’t take another day.”

Here is a link to several audio clips featuring more candid comments.

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