New York, NY and Washington, DC – May 31, 2018

On June 5, 1968, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy was shot down at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, CA after having just declared victory in the California presidential primary. Among the reporters there that fateful night was Mutual News correspondent Andrew West, who filed a nearly seven minute on-scene report during the chaos.

West’s historic full report, which is owned by Westwood One News, will be part of the extensive coverage planned on Tuesday, June 5, as the network remembers the assassination of RFK. Westwood One News correspondent Michael Toscano will present longform and shortform reports on Robert Kennedy throughout the day, along with West’s report and additional 50th anniversary sound.

The Westwood One News Memorial Day weekend special, 1968: The Year that Shook America, with reporting and perspective on the RFK assassination, will continue to be available for broadcast by affiliates through the June 5th anniversary of the shooting.

The Andrew West audio report, excerpted here, is being provided to Westwood One News affiliated stations. Non-Westwood One News stations, other networks, and media should contact Jim Jones at or (202) 840-7933.

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