“CBS Sports Radio keeps our listeners engaged through compelling, resonating talk shows and keeps them updated with the latest breaking sports news throughout each day.”
Bruce Collins, 102.9/750 The Game, Portland, OR



“Having CBS Sports Radio is a huge advantage to the Topeka radio cluster as a whole. What CBS Sports offers is the best names in Sports Talk Radio – Jim Rome, Damon Amendolara, among others – That draw people in and keep them engaged, but it’s so much more than that. Every weekend throughout the year, they adapt their programming to be in the loop of what’s happening in the sports world. Eye on Football, Eye on College Football in the fall, and more. Especially in smaller markets where stations are under staffed it’s huge to have the national brand and recognition that CBS Sports Radio provides. In addition to the shows, they are a fantastic partner to their local markets. We get the opportunity on a regular basis to bring their hosts on to our local shows to bring National presence to the local level. Regular local radio tours from hosts such as Brandon Tierney, Bill Reiter, Rich Ackerman, and more have a symbiotic relationship with a local station. It localizes their national brand and gives extra credibility to your local product. CBS Sports radio is a fantastic resource and a great option for any station looking to make their sports quality better.”
Justin McLuckie, Sports Radio 1490 KTOP, Topeka, KS



“For most sports networks, weeknights and weekends have always felt like a throwaway or punishment for their talent. CBS Sports Radio puts major market talent on nights and weekends. I love the depth and quality it gives my station. It gives my listeners a reason to tune in, not a reason to tune out. CBS Sports Radio does that with the depth of talent twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It is also a pleasure to deal with people who work with the affiliate and not try and get the affiliate to work for them.”
Louie Belina, KZNE, The Zone, College Station, TX



“The CBS Sports Radio brand is an integral piece to KNBR’s image as “The Sports Leader” in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having prime CBS personalities like Jim Rome, Tiki Barber & Brandon Tierney associated with KNBR has a tremendous impact not only our best in format content delivery, but also across our sales floor.”
Jeremiah Crowe, KNBR 680/1050, San Francisco, CA



“Atlantic Coast Radio operates the only two full time sports stations in Portland and Augusta, Maine. We utilize CBS sports long form shows on WPEI on evenings and weekends, and Jim Rome and features such as the CBS sports minute on WJJB.. always great quality programming from CBS.”
Jon Van Hoogenstyn, 96-3 The Big Jab, Portland, ME



“CBS Sports Radio has been great for us. The radio tours that are offered allow us to get a little more personal look at all the hosts at CBS Sports Radio, and we can touch on more local topics—especially their opinions on Josh Allen– with them. CBS Sports radio also allows me, as a producer and host, to focus more on local sports radio. CBS Sports Radio has been very beneficial to our station.”
Keith Kelly, KFBC-AM 1240, Cheyenne, WY



“1620 the Zone’s weekend move to CBS Sports Radio from our previous network partner significantly improved our content relevancy, specifically Saturday’s in the Fall. … Eye on College Football serves our passionate football audience what they want, all day coverage of the biggest games Saturday afternoons.”
Dave Tepper, 1620 AM The Zone, Omaha



“The guys at CBS Sports have been a great resource for us at The FAN! The radio tours have been a great way to connect us to their programming, and the guests deliver every time. Andrew Bogusch puts together great packages for the NFL Draft that is a huge boost to our draft shows each year. Enjoy working with them!”
Bart Winkler, 105-7 FM The Fan, Milwaukee