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Advertiser Slam Dunk: Reach Westwood One NCAA Tournament Listeners On The Go

What does $1.3 billion per hour of lost worker productivity have to do with a 19% increase in pizza consumption? The answer is March Madness, the annual NCAA Tournament that captivates rabid college hoops fans and casual followers alike. Today’s consumers want to follow their favorite NCAA basketball teams, including when they are outside the home.

Nielsen studied Westwood One’s 2017 NCAA out of home audiences in Portable People Meter markets. The results point to a big scoring opportunity for marketers to reach attractive, responsive consumers who are on the go.

Here’s a look at who’s listening to Westwood One’s NCAA Tournament coverage away from home.

Nearly two-thirds of Westwood One NCAA Tournament listening occurs away from home. Out of home listening represents 64% of Westwood One’s NCAA Tournament coverage. From the First Four to the Final Four, most of Westwood One’s NCAA Tournament is listening on the go. When consumers are out of home, AM/FM radio represents the best available screen.

The younger the listener, the greater the away from home listening to the NCAA Tournament. 71% of Millennial 18-34 listening to the NCAA tournament is away from home. 68% of 18-49 and 25-54 listening is away from home. Even 57% of persons 55+ NCAA listening is out of home.

On the go NCAA listeners are employed with high incomes. Not surprisingly, those that work have a greater proportion of NCAA listening that is away from home. Upper income consumers also have a high amount of away from home listening to Westwood One’s NCAA broadcasts.

Think you’re covered if you just invest in the TV aspects of March Madness? Think again. When upscale, employed NCAA basketball fans are on the go, Westwood One radio play-by-play broadcasts have them covered. Marketers should follow the audience at work and in the car where they’re glued to Westwood One NCAA basketball coverage.

Partnering with Westwood One’s NCAA Tournament coverage offers advertisers the opportunity to reach desirable consumers who are following their favorite teams while on the go.

Key takeaways:

Doug Hyde is Senior Director, National & Local Insights at Cumulus | Westwood One.

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