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People Remember Radio Ads

Radio works because listeners remember ads.

Effective advertising boosts top of mind awareness. When consumers are making purchase decisions, they think of brands or retailers they know. That’s why unaided recall, being able to name a brand or retailer without any help, is so important. To see cash register impact, advertisers need to already be in the heads of their shoppers.

Radio works because listeners remember ads, 82% per Nielsen. Nielsen conducted multiple campaign effectiveness studies to measure ad recall. These had large samples and were professionally conducted. Across multiple categories, radio ad recall grew 82%. Those who were exposed to the campaign were significantly more likely to remember the radio advertising.

Radio advertising grows unaided brand recall. Advertising on radio delivers positive results. Advertising effectiveness firm Local Ad Recall measured 18 radio advertising campaigns and found unaided brand recall was five times greater among advertisers on the radio versus those who were not running campaigns.

Growing unaided awareness is the first step to growing sales. As seen in the purchase funnel below, radio advertising helps build unaided awareness, and creates images and perceptions about your business. When a consumer has a need, brand awareness allows them to consider and visit your store.

Nielsen studies prove radio advertising creates lasting impressions for brands. So kick off the ROI chain of events and effectively improve top of mind awareness through radio campaigns. If they remember the ad, they’ll remember the brand.

As a medium that sticks with listeners, AM/FM radio has a proven track record of generating strong ROI.

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