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4 Ways NCAA on the Radio Works for an Auto Shocks and Struts Manufacturer

AM/FM radio works for the entire American automotive marketplace: auto aftermarket, dealers, and, as the results from a new Nielsen case study show, auto parts manufacturers.

A major auto parts manufacturer wanted to quantify how their NCAA radio campaign was working to build their brand and grow purchase intent. Nielsen measured the differences in brand impact between those who were exposed to the NCAA radio campaign versus those who were unexposed.

Here are the key findings from the study:

1. Westwood One’s NCAA coverage boosts brand recognition. Nielsen saw that the NCAA campaign generated increases across multiple key branding measures. Brand preference saw a 19% increase among those who heard the AM/FM radio campaign. Awareness, the engine of ROI, grew as well.

2. NCAA campaign exposure increased brand images. The strength of the brand as an expert, leader, and educator for shocks and struts grew with exposure to AM/FM radio. Those who were exposed were 44% more likely to indicate that they strongly felt the brand helped them understand shocks and struts. Advertising works by building brand images. Growing brand images increases sales.

3. Ad recall grew across key demographics. Overall, Nielsen found that ad recall grew 99% with exposure to the Westwood One NCAA radio campaign. Car owners, females, and Millennials also saw significant growth. Men 18+ saw the biggest increases of 122%.

4. Westwood One NCAA radio advertising elevates the entire media plan. The NCAA radio audience showed higher awareness for the auto parts manufacturer’s advertising on all other media. Those who heard the campaign were 257% more likely to recall having seen or heard the brand’s online campaign. Not only does AM/FM radio advertising get results, but it makes the entire media plan work better.

The results of the campaign effect study reveal Westwood One NCAA coverage can generate significant impact for auto shocks and struts manufacturers.

Pierre Bouvard is Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus | Westwood One.

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