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Radio Gets Results for Business-to-Business Advertisers

Looking to increase sales among business decision makers? AM/FM radio is the ideal marketing platform for “B2B” (business-to-business) advertising.

Here’s why:

1. AM/FM radio reaches 94% of business decision makers every week. As America’s #1 mass reach medium, AM/FM radio reaches more business decision makers than broadcast television, cable television, or newspapers. These influencers can be converted into qualified leads and sales.

2. AM/FM radio rules the car, where commuting business decision makers are a captive audience. According to the U.S. census, 86% of workers commute by car or truck. Only 5% use public transportation. Nearly 90% of in-car commuters drive alone. No wonder AM/FM radio commands a stunning 71% share of in-car audio listening.

3. Business decision makers are similar in profile to AM/FM radio’s most frequent listeners. They are a desirable group – slightly younger, more educated, and more upscale than the overall U.S. population. Among all major media, the AM/FM radio and digital audiences align most closely with the profile of business decision makers. Heavy TV viewers do not match the business target as they are much older and less likely to be employed.

4. AM/FM radio connects with business decision makers on an emotional and intellectual level. Compared to the average adult, business decision makers are more likely to turn to AM/FM radio as a source for ideas, learning, and information. Business decision makers are actively engaged with AM/FM radio, making it an ideal environment to market business-related products and services.

5. Business-to-business professionals count on Westwood One to produce results. Here is the proof. Nielsen measured the effectiveness of a Westwood One Sports audio campaign for CDW, a major information technology firm targeting IT professionals.

Compared to those who only watched NFL games on television, IT professionals who listened to Westwood One’s NFL coverage on-air reported increased awareness, brand favorability, and likelihood to recommend CDW. The radio campaign also amplified the impact of the entire media plan, elevating the awareness CDW’s advertising on other media by as much as 3 times or more.

Key takeaways:

Doug Hyde is Senior Director, National & Local Insights at Cumulus | Westwood One.

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