Tabloid Favorite Olympios Sets the Record Straight with Zach Sang on Zach Sang Show


WHO: Zack Sang, Host of Westwood One’s Zach Sang Show, and Corinne Olympios, former contestant on TV’s The Bachelor.

WHAT:Zach Sang, host of Westwood One’s Zach Sang Show, sat down with former The Bachelor contestant – and tabloid favorite – Corinne Olympios, for an in-studio interview. She had a few choice words for Nick Viall, this season’s Bachelor, and for this season’s winner, Vanessa Grimaldi, who recently sent Olympios a text.

She also discussed whether or not she will be a part of Bachelor in Paradise.

Please see a few quotes below from Olympios’ interview with Sang, captured in the video:


“She just texted me before coming on this show and she say ‘hey Corrine haven’t heard from you in a while just wanted to let you know it really hurt my feelings when you were talking poorly about me and Nick…’”

“Ummmm Hey haven’t spoken to you in a solid two months umm no hard feelings never once did I say a bad word about you or Nick. I say that you guys are both amazing people. All I said was an opinion about how your relationship looks from the outside, is that it’s a little bit stressful. I actually complimented you and said that you were very real and outgoing on it on ‘Women Tell All’ and i feel, Like, you should be like that all time… and you’re not. You need to tell the world, Hey being in a relationship is not so easy and butterflies and rainbows and frolicking through fields all the time, and thats how you kind of made it on women tell all, and to everything else you just look a little phony. That’s not saying anything bad about you or Nick, Vanessa – it’s not.”

“If it’s not working don’t feel bad, it’s not working. But if it is, great, but talk about your issues.”

WHEN: Friday, April 14, 2017.

WHERE: Nationally syndicated Zach Sang Show, airing weeknights on 70 radio stations across the U.S.

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