Today, on the eve of the Election, Westwood One’s Jim Gray spoke to both Presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in interviews that will air during tonight’s NFL Monday Night football pregame and halftime shows on Westwood One. This will be each of the candidates’ final interviews in this Presidential election. Coverage begins at 7:45 pm ET and the full interviews will follow.

Gray has interviewed seven previous Presidential candidates the night before the last four elections during Westwood One Monday Night Football broadcasts. In his career, Gray has interviewed every President since Richard Nixon.

Among the comments made during the interview, Ms. Clinton compared tonight to being like the 4th quarter of a game and the stretch run is here. You can listen HERE.

Mr. Trump said that his life’s mentality is like football; when you get hit, you hit back even harder. You can listen HERE.

Gray touched on final messaging and other topics with both candidates, including:

  • Thoughts on concussions and the health and safety of NFL players
  • Thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and other players taking a knee during the National Anthem
  • Should NCAA student athletes be paid
  • Plans to unify the country following a divisive campaign
  • Thoughts on winning
  • Thoughts on being nervous and anxious