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Entertaining, Humorous, and above all, Approachable.

Money guru Jill Schlesinger helps listeners take control of their financial lives and better understand all-things-money.

Jill On Money is entertaining, humorous, and above all, approachable. The show appeals to anyone who wants to know more about money, regardless of asset level. Jill is great with callers and has a special knack for synthesizing complicated economic and financial concepts.

All of Jill’s insights, opinions, and perspectives are firmly grounded in her mission to entertain and enlighten.

About Jill
Jill Schlesinger is the Editor-at-large for CBS She owned and operated an investment management firm for 14 years and is a certified financial planner. She served those with millions of dollars and those who were taking their first steps to get there. Jill specialized in managing money in a way that was consistent with the risk tolerance of her former clients and presents financial concepts that are fun, entertaining, and easy-to-understand.

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"Finally a weekend money show that is fresh, funny and she talks finance in a way people can understand. She’s amazing….a great personality who will perk up your weekend line-up and your listeners."

- Jenneen Lee, PD
WTIC-AM Hartford

"Jill is a consummate radio professional with a proven track record. She seamlessly crosses from personal finance concerns to complex economic issues, giving listeners valuable information they can use regardless of their level of sophistication. I love her upbeat, humorous and understandable style."

- Harvey Nagler
CBS News Vice President, Radio

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