We are Checkpoint Radio

Checkpoint Radio is a talk show exclusively dedicated to covering and discussing video games and esports. Video games are a multi billion dollar industry that has captured the imagination of an entire generation to become a lifestyle and self-identity. Checkpoint Radio is dedicated to serving said community with relevant discussions concerning the media with which we engage most often. This is gaming radio for gamers by gamers.

Westwood One also provides the esports minute available Monday-Friday to air between 6a-Midnight. Esports minute is a :30 content piece with a :30 spot adjacent that gives a fast paced look at news from the world of esports and gaming.

Your Hosts for Checkpoint Radio are Nate Bender, Robbie Landis, Norris Howard, and Joe Sloan.

Delivery Method: XDS Satellite

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To find out more, contact Rich Burg or call Rich at 212-824-2994.

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