Network Releases Statement from Mike Rogers, former Chairman of US House Intelligence Committee

"This was not an attack on a part of America. It was an attack on all Americans. It continues to highlight the threat of a vibrant jihadist movement and the danger of not having an aggressive plan to deal with them. We must disrupt and destroy ISIS where they plan, recruit, train, propagandize, and provide the narrative they are beating the U.S."

- The Honorable Mike Rogers
   Former chairman, US House Intelligence Committee
   Westwood One Commentator/host, Something to Think About with Mike Rogers

As the devastating tragedy in Orlando continued to play out yesterday, Westwood One News went live with special reports after the story broke and has continued twice per hour since. Correspondents Alan Scaia and Scott Kimbler are in Orlando filing reports from the scene. CNN Newsource correspondents Dianne Gallagher and Scott McLean are also in Orlando supplementing Westwood One News coverage and offering live custom Q&As for affiliates.

Westwood One News also provided additional coverage: Steve Kastenbaum was at the Beacon Theatre last night as the Tony Awards turned somber when the Broadway community, known for its gay rights activism, honored the victims;

was in Los Angeles covering the LGBT pride festival and the arrest of a man with explosives and ammunition; Bob Costantini covered President Obama's remarks and alerts from the nation's capital.

Affiliates were provided live feeds of President Obama's statement and news conferences from Florida Governor Rick Scott, Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Orlando FBI, police and city officials.

Cumulus Media stations around the country also segued into full coverage mode. Several of the company's news/talk stations offered hours of wall-to-wall coverage using the resources of CNN/Westwood One News, while others offered special reports from CBS and Westwood One News on the hour and half hour. With the death toll growing, the stations carried live press conferences from the scene and remarks by President Obama.

Several stations deployed their local news reporters to Pride Festivals and Parades in their markets, and others, including WYAY/Atlanta, WMAL/Washington, and KKOB/Albuquerque, created live local talk programming with updates, guests, and the opportunity for listeners to join the conversation.