Westwood One News was live on-the-air with extensive coverage during the horrific shooting of police, during what had been a peaceful protest, in Dallas Thursday night.

Westwood One News correspondent Alan Scaia, who is based in Dallas, was immediately on the scene reporting Thursday night. Affiliates were provided special reports twice per hour in the late evening, overnight, and throughout the day Friday.

Westwood One News coverage also included live feeds to affiliates of the briefings from Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings and Police Chief David Brown; reaction from President Obama in Poland; a statement from Attorney General Loretta Lynch; and a news conference from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Westwood One News also featured exclusive sound from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reacting to the Dallas police shootings and her first comments on the FBI report on her emails.

During the course of its coverage Friday, Westwood One News provided more than 50 live custom reports for affiliated stations plus live correspondent appearances on Westwood One talk shows The Michael Savage Show; Red Eye Radio; The Jim Bohannon Show; and the news magazine First Light.